Universal Unreal Engine 4 Console Unlocker


It's forbidden to host the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Console Unlocker binaries elsewhere, be it your own site or e.g. Nexus Mods. The only site the unlocker binary is distributed on is this site.

For Unreal Engine 4 powered games, it's possible to re-create the in-game console that's usually stripped out when the game is build for shipping. To do so, you can use the Universal UE4 Console Unlocker / Dumper dll, in short UUU. It comes with its own injector, IGCSInjectorUI.exe, and is ready to use. See below what you have to do to get started.


The game's exe as well as the IGCSInjectorUI.exe have to be run as administrator. Right-click the exe's to run and select 'Run as Administrator' or create a shortcut to the exe on your desktop, right-click it, select Properties and on the Shortcut tab, select Advanced..., then check the 'Run as Administrator' checkbox and click OK.

Setting up the injector

After downloading the zip linked below, unpack it in an empty folder. Now you first start the game and when the game has opened its main menu, you start the IGCSInjectorUI.exe application to inject the dll into the game's process. To do so, you click the Select... button and select the game's process. You then click the Inject button, as the dll has already been pre-configured, and the injector should successfully inject the dll into the game's process you selected.

If the injector doesn't work

Some people on Windows 7 have reported issues with the IGCSInjector. If that happens, please try another dll injector, e.g. Extreme Injector.

After injecting the DLL

When you've successfully injected the dll, you'll get a notification in the top left corner of your game window which some info regarding who made the unlocker and which version it is, as well as some notifications what it's doing. If everything went OK, you should see some notifications that the console has been created and the built-in camera has been found.

In-game menu

The UUU comes with its own menu. To open this menu, press Ctrl-Ins. It contains various tab pages, among them one where you can configure key bindings. The main tab is the first tab, the Settings tab. This tab allows you to configure camera specific values, which device you want to use for the camera etc.

Opening the in-game console

In-game, press the ~ key (it's the key above the TAB key on your keyboard). This should give a small line at the bottom of the game screen in which you can type commands. If you type the ~ again you'll get a larger console window which also shows the response of the game on your commands.

To do useful things like toggle the debug camera, in a lot of games you first have to enable the cheats in the game. To do this, type EnableCheats 1 in the console and hit . After that, type toggledebugcamera after you've loaded a level. This should give you the ability to move the camera around using your controller and WASD + mouse.

To go back to the game, type again toggledebugcamera in the console or simply press cursor UP to go to a previous command. There are many commands to choose from. Not all of them work. E.g. god or fly might say they're activated but chances are they're not doing anything. Commands like fov 50 (to set the FoV to 50 degrees, default is likely 80), pause (to toggle the pause of the game) and a lot of console variables do work.

What to do when the console doesn't open

It might be the ~ key doesn't do anything, even though the console was created successfully by the dll. This might be caused because the game unbound the ~ key and therefore it's not possible to open the console. Additionally, you might be using a non-US keyboard, like an Azerty keyboard, and on those keyboards, the ~ key isn't above the TAB key and the engine won't recognize it.

To correct this, please open the UUU overlay menu by pressing Ctrl-Ins and on the settings tab you'll see a setting "Key to open in-game console", which allows you to select from a small set of keys what to use to open the console. By default this is 'Tilde' (~). Please select a key that's on your keyboard and which doesn't need Shift to be selected. E.g. on a French (Azerty) keyboard, the '$' key is a good choice, so choose in the overlay menu Dollar ($) as console key.

Setting the console key in the game's ini files

Alternatively, you can add a custom console key to the game's ini file. This doesn't always work, but it's worth a try if you want to use another key than is available in the menu. Follow these steps

  • In explorer go to: c:\users\<your username>\AppData\Local\<game name>\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • open Input.ini
  • Add (pay attention to the empty line, that has to be there):
  • Save and set the file to readonly. You can also set it to another key, e.g. K.

The Built-in free camera

The UUU has a built-in free camera, which you can enable at any time by pressing Ins. The camera is controlled by the device that you have selected in the overlay menu. See below for the default controls. You can configure the keyboard shortcuts in the overlay menu in the keybindings tab.


Key/button Description
Ctrl-Ins Show / Hide Camera tools main window
Ctrl + Mouse wheel Resize font
Ins Enable/Disable camera
HOME Lock/unlock camera movement
ALT + rotate/move Faster rotate / move
Right-CTRL + rotate/move Slower rotate / move
Controller Y-button + l/r-stick Faster rotate / move
Controller X-button + l/r-stick Slower rotate / move
Arrow up/down or mouse or r-stick Rotate camera up/down
Arrow left/right or mouse or r-stick Rotate camera left/right
Numpad 8/Numpad 5 or l-stick Move camera forward/backward
Numpad 4/Numpad 6 or l-stick Move camera left / right
Numpad 7/Numpad 9 or l/r-trigger Move camera up / down
Numpad 1/Numpad 3 or d-pad left/right Tilt camera left / right
Numpad +/- or d-pad up/down Increase / decrease FoV
Numpad * or controller B-button Reset FoV
Numpad . Toggle block input to game for camera control device.

By default, when the free camera is enabled, the input to the game is blocked for the device that's controlling the camera.

Taking screenshots

The UUU comes with its own screenshot key, by default the Pause key. It writes the frame (including effects you might have applied with reshade) to a file with a name generated from the date+time, to the folder you've specified in the overlay menu.

It also offers two other screenshot types: Panorama shots and Lightfield shots. Each of these takes a multitude of shots; the panorama feature takes as much shots as needed to satisfy the requirements set for panorama shots in the overlay menu and rotates the camera from left to right. You can stitch the shots together to a single panorama with e.g. Microsoft Image Composition Editor or Photoshop.

The lightfield feature takes shots by stepping the camera from left to right, moving it over a rail to to speak. You can then create a lightfield 'quilt' for e.g. Looking Glass 3D displays.

To test the setup you have, press Page Up. To take all shots, press Ctrl-PageUp.

Dumping names / object addresses

The unlocker has another feature up its sleeve: it can dump two text files in the game folder called UE4Tools_Names.txt and UE4Tools_Objects.txt. To do that, press Ctrl-Numpad /. The Names file contains all names of all objects in the game. Most of them aren't really useful, but some are, e.g. if you open the file in a text editor and search for " sg." you find all settings variables for things you can also set in the game menu, only these accept higher values. Another one is " r." to find all render variables.

The Objects text file shows all objects in the engine, and their addresses in memory. These memory addresses differ per level, so if you want to look up objects in-memory after you've loaded a new level, you have to dump the files again. The Objects file is useful for people who create cheat tables.

Games that work with the unlocker

Although the name suggests it's a universal unlocker that always works with any Unreal Engine 4 game, the reality is that developers sometimes change the game engine's code and the unlocker can't re-activate the console as essential functions aren't there anymore. The list below are games which are known to work with the unlocker.

  • 10 Miles to Safety
  • 103
  • A Knight`s Quest
  • Agony
  • Alice VR
  • Ancestors Legacy
  • Ancestors - The Humankind Odyssey
  • Ancient Knowledge
  • Another Sight Definitive Edition
  • Apsulov: End of Gods
  • Arise a Simple Story
  • Assemblance: Oversight
  • Ashes Of Oahu
  • Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
  • The Beast Inside
  • Bee Simulator
  • The Blackout Club
  • Blair Witch
  • Borderlands 3
  • Bright Memory
  • Burning Daylight
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Captain Starshot
  • Chernobylite
  • Close to the Sun
  • Code Vein
  • Conarium
  • Creature in the Well
  • Dark Future: Blood Red States
  • Dark Deception
  • Dark Occult
  • Darksiders 3
  • Darksiders Genesis
  • Daymare: 1998
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • Desolate
  • Devil's Hunt
  • Donensbourgh
  • Draugen
  • Dreamscaper
  • Driftland
  • Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain
  • Earthfall
  • Echo
  • Elea
  • Everspace
  • Extinction
  • Fade to silence
  • Fear the Dark Unknown
  • The Fidelio Incident
  • Fighting Ex Layer
  • Genesis Alpha One
  • Gray Dawn
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  • Hollow
  • Hunting Simulator
  • Insomnia the Ark
  • Intruders: Hide and Seek"
  • Jumanji The Video Game
  • Jump Force (limited)
  • Killsquad
  • Kine
  • Koral
  • Laser League
  • Layers of Fear 2
  • Life is Strange 2
  • Ling: a Road Alone
  • Little Brother Jim
  • Lost Ember
  • Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures Anthology)
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
  • Mind: Path to Thalamus
  • Monkey King: Hero Is Back
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans
  • Moons of Madness
  • Morels: The Hunt
  • Morphies Law Remorphed
  • MotoGP 19
  • Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
  • My Hero One's Justice
  • Narcos: Rise of the Cartels
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
  • Nephise: Ascension
  • Observer
  • Only After
  • Operencia: The Stolen Sun
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Overkill's The Walking Dead
  • Pagui打鬼
  • Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul
  • Past Cure
  • Planet Alpha
  • Project Remedium
  • Protocol
  • Occupation
  • Omen of Sorrow
  • Omensight
  • Quantum Replica
  • Qube 2
  • RAD
  • Redeemer
  • Remnant: From the Ashes
  • Remothered: Tormented Fathers
  • Ruin 2
  • Ruiner
  • Shenmue 3
  • ShockRods
  • The Sinking City
  • Session: Skateboarding Sim Game
  • Shape of the World
  • Silver Chains
  • Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption
  • Skylar and Plux
  • The Sojourn
  • SolSeraph
  • Song of Horror
  • Sophont
  • Soul Valley
  • Space Hulk: Deadwing Enhanced Edition
  • Space Hulk Tactics
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Stardrop
  • Steel rats
  • Stories: the Path of Destinies
  • Styx 2
  • Subdivision Infinity DX
  • Supraland
  • Tartarus
  • Tetris Effect
  • Tower of Fate
  • Train Sim World
  • Tropico 6
  • Urban Trial Playground
  • Uventa
  • Visage
  • Wartile
  • We Happy Few
  • XING The Land Beyond
  • ZED

Downloading the unlocker

Built-in functionality

The following features are build-in (and enabled if the code can be found in the game). You can configure most shortcut keys in the overlay menu's keybindings section. See the camera section above for the controls for the camera itself

Feature Key
Open in-game overlay menu Ctrl-Ins
Toggle camera Ins
Re-scan AOBs and re-try to create the console Ctrl-End
Display help Ctrl-H
Dump actual object addresses and names to text files Ctrl-Numpad /
Toggle widget based HUD / Menu elements Del
Toggle game pause (Using UWorld::IsPaused) Numpad 0
Toggle game pause (Using slomo 0) Page Down
(In-game) Open the console ~
Controlling game speed Overlay menu

Console tricks

The Unreal Engine console supports copy / paste of text. This is a great help if you want to execute multiple commands and have to type them in every time. Additionally, it supports multiple commands on the same line, where you separate the commands with the | character. Combined with copy/paste you can create long strings of commands in a text file and copy/paste them over to execute all the commands in one go.


showhud 0|fov 60|pause|toggledebugcamera|r.postprocessaaquality 2

This hides the hud, sets fov to 60, pauses the game, enables the debug camera and sets the AA to a lower quality so you don't have jitter blur.

The console also remembers a history of commands, and keeps the line with multiple concatenated commands as one line. To show the history, press the arrow-up key in the console.


You might get an error with older games that it can't find the EngineVersion key and it will fall back to the default version. When that happens, the unlocker will try to auto-detect which engine version is being used. If that fails, it's likely not going to work out however. If it succeeds, the console can be created most likely.

If the game crashes when injecting the unlocker, try to inject it when a level is loaded.


Development: Otis_Inf
Research: Otis_Inf and SunBeam
Dumper code is based on the SDK generator by Kn4ck3r.
Special thanks to Pino44io for testing.

©2019 All rights reserved.