The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

Shot by Otis_Inf


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios No
Reshade Yes
Ansel Yes
DirectX versions DirectX 11


The latest build of The Witcher 3 is v1.32. However most mods work with v1.31 or v1.31A. Version 1.32 only brings some Chinese translation fixes but no new functionality/fixes however the version number will break a lot of mods. It's therefore highly recommended to roll back your game to v1.31A or v1.31.

On GoG you can do that in the GoG Galaxy client by clicking the settings icon on the game's page in your library, then selecting 'Manage installation'->'Configure'. Scrolling down you can select the version you want, which in this case should be 1.31 or 1.31A. You should also disable auto-updates to avoid having to do it all over again later on.

For Steam, please use the guide to rollback to a previous version of a game on steam.

Alternative using a mod

There's also a mod which can revert the version. It might work, it might not work, with all mods. The rollback to a previous version through the store clients is a proven method.

Essential mods and tools

  • Debug Console Enabler. This mod gives you the free camera using F1 and a console, opened with ~ that allows you to specify all kinds of commands. It's highly recommended to use a controller with the free camera offered by this mod, as the camera moves way too fast when used with keyboard/mouse.
  • Photomode2in1. This mods adds a handy timestop and weather control, as well as other commands that could help you setup the perfect shot.
  • The Witcher Script Merger. To work with mods, you will run into conflicts, things that need to be loaded before the other etc. The easiest to solve this is via this tool
  • Unification patch for 1.32 - 1.31 - 1.31GOTY - 1.31A. This mod makes sure other mods work with your install no matter the version they were made for.
  • Merged Free DLC mod limit fix. The engine used for The Witcher 3 has a mod limit: if you have more mods than the limit, it simply stops loading. While there's no direct fix for this, there's a way to free up a lot of 'slots' by merging all the free DLC mods for e.g. Ciri, Triss and Yennefer into a single mod. This mod offers all those DLC files into one single mod.

For more mods, and to completely configure the game to your liking, please visit The Witcher 3 on Nexus.

Tricks and tips

How to get a high resolution shot

To get a high resolution shot using a DSR resolution higher than the one you use during normal gameplay, use the following steps:

  • Open the console with the ~ key
  • Type testpause. This pauses the game.
  • Unpause the game with the Photomode2in1 key (Default is numpad0). This keeps the game paused, but will allow you to access the in-game menus
  • Go into the in-game menu and select a different resolution
  • Setup and create your shot
  • When done, go into the in-game menus again, go back to the resolution you want to play the game in
  • Open the console again with ~ and type testunpause to resume gameplay.

If you start the free camera with F1 and setup a shot, you won't be able to type commands in the console. so enter testpause and testunpause before setting up a shot so you can scroll through previous commands with the up arrow in the console.

Helpful cheat tables