Ace Combat 7

Shot by Ghostinthecamera


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes
DSR Yes - See Tips
Custom Aspect Ratios Not Tested
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
DirectX versions DirectX 11
Compatible with Current (1.02)



Using DSR
The game is quite picky whether it will detect DSR resolutions. If you have a 2560x1440 monitor, for example, and have a DSR resolution of 3840x2160 most games will detect this and allow you to select it in their options. As of the current patch AC7 won't detect this. Set your desktop resolution to the DSR resolution before starting the game and make sure you select full screen as the display type. DSR resolutions should display now.


Using DSR with borderless window
Follow the above instructions to get the game to recognise DSR resolutions. Set the resolution in full screen mode and then change to borderless. The selected resolution should remain as long as it is the same as the desktop DSR resolution.



HUD Toggle
As of v1.1 there is HUD toggle in the tools. However, if the HUD toggle is used after the game is paused, not all HUD elements may be removed. To prevent this, by default, the game will turn the HUD off when you press the game pause key. In order to do this, a small delay of 300ms is introduced to allow all HUD elements to be removed before the game is actually paused.

This may make action shots a little more difficult due to the delay between pressing the game pause key and the game actually pausing. If you need the game pause to have no delay you have a couple of options:

  1. Change the default behaviour of the game pause so that it does not toggle the HUD. You can find this in Misc options in the overlay. It is activated by default. You will then have to ensure the HUD is disabled manually prior to pausing the game.

  2. Use the 3dmigoto HUD toggle included in the package.

You can have the 3dmigoto HUD toggle installed and use the tools built in HUD toggle. They do not prevent each others functioning.

Key/button Description
Ctrl-Ins Show / Hide Camera tools main window
Ctrl + Mouse wheel Resize font
Ins Enable/Disable camera
DEL Toggle HUD
HOME Lock/unlock camera movement
PG UP Skip forward specified time in milliseconds when the game is paused
TAB 3dmigoto HUD toggle
ALT + rotate/move Faster rotate / move
Right-CTRL + rotate/move Slower rotate / move
Controller Y-button + l/r-stick Faster rotate / move
Controller X-button + l/r-stick Slower rotate / move
Arrow up/down or mouse or r-stick Rotate camera up/down
Arrow left/right or mouse or r-stick Rotate camera left/right
Numpad 8/Numpad 5 or l-stick Move camera forward/backward
Numpad 4/Numpad 6 or l-stick Move camera left / right
Numpad 7/Numpad 9 or l/r-trigger Move camera up / down
Numpad 1/Numpad 3 or d-pad left/right Tilt camera left / right
Numpad +/- or d-pad up/down Increase / decrease FoV
Numpad * or controller B-button Reset FoV
Numpad . Block input to game for camera control device.
Numpad 0 Toggle game pause