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Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes (with tools)
DSR No *
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes (DirectX 11)
Ansel No
DirectX versions DirectX 11, DirectX 12

To use a DSR resolution, set your desktop resolution to it first, then you should be able to select it in-game. You will not see all DSR resolutions though.


  • Cheat Engine Table by Otis_Inf & HattiWatti
    DX12 Cheat Table
    Features: Debug Camera, FOV, Time stop, Hotsampling, Hud Toggle, Render Toggles

Using The CE Table

First, read the general Cheat Engine guide if you have't already to learn how to use cheat engine tables (don't worry, it's easy).

All hotkeys are mentioned in the table, but here's some general info.

  • Debug Camera - Insert
    The default speed is insanely fast, so use the mouse wheel to slow it down (or speed it up).
    The default rotation speed is perfect for controllers. If using a keyboard: Press F9 after enabling the camera to slow the rotation speed for mice. Numpad -/+ will change the camera FOV.
  • Toggle Freeze - Numpad 0
  • Toggle Hud - Delete
    Press ESC twice to force the changes. This can be done while the game is frozen.

The render effect section contains some more useful toggles. Hotkeys for these are listed in the table.


To enable hotsampling (via SRWE) enable the hotsampling script. You may also need to check the Force EXITSIZEMOVE option in SRWE. Press ESC in-game in order to alt-tab to SRWE. After changing the resolution, alt-tab back to the game and press ESC again to force the game to update.

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