A Plague Tale: Innocence

Shot by VicenteProD


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes (DX11)
Ansel Yes
DirectX versions DirectX 11


Features: Works in Steam and Origin versions of the game, Unlocks Ansel during in-game cinematics, unlocks Ansel boundaries, clipping is allowed (going through solid objects), FOV Control, DOF Removal in in-game cinematics.

Tips and Tricks

Customize aspect ratio

For custom aspect ratio game must be launched in windowed mode, and SRWE has to be used to resize the window to the desired aspect ratio.

Customize engine settings

Go to: C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\My Games\A Plague Tale Innocence Open 'ENGINESETTINGS' in notepad. At the bottom change any setting value to 1 = on, or to 0 = off For example, change Fringe 1 to Fringe 0, and LensDistortion 1 to LensDistortion 0. Do this after the game has been closed, then restart the game